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Outdoor Kitchens: Design a Space That Works For You

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories for How You Entertain

Appliances, Accessories, and Extras from Grillscapes

Designing your outdoor kitchen requires making a lot of decisions. You’re faced with an impressive range of choices, from cooking appliances (built in gas grills, ceramic grills, griddles, extra burners, wood-burning BBQs - the list never ends!) to façade choices (stucco or stone? Concrete or metal?) countertop choices, and of course the endless color choices and finishes. Once those are settled it’s on to the accessories - lighting, fans, TVs, speakers - It’s enough to give even the most detail-oriented homeowner “option fatigue”!

There’s good news! Deciding which built-in accessories you need for your outdoor kitchen is as easy as deciding what you want to use your space for.

Here are a few questions to figure out what your ideal outdoor kitchen should look like:


1. What do I want to cook outside? Is it as simple as grilling steaks, or would I want to host a brunch poolside? Are you all about burgers? Grilled cheese? Stir-fry? Think about your cooking habits and write them down.

2. Who is outside with me? Do you have a large family that will be hanging in the pool house all summer? Or do you use your outdoor space to relax and unwind solo? Maybe friends like to drop by unexpectedly and you’d like your outdoor kitchen ready to entertain. Sharing the space (or not) may be a large deciding factor in your accessory choices.

3. What time of day do I want to spend outside? Are you outside with your coffee in the morning, thinking about frying an omelet? Grilling burgers at lunch? Hosting elegant dinners with the perfect wine pairings late in the evening? Your regular routines can provide insight into the ideal extras for your space.


4. What do I want to store outside? Do I want drinks at my fingertips? Ice? Hors d'oeuvres? There’s a space for everything in the well-designed outdoor kitchen. Storage options and refrigerated components keep everything you need at your fingertips without extra trips in and out of the house.

5. What does my outdoor entertainment look like? Cheering on a favorite football team? Or quiet conversations by a fireplace? The right accessories can complement the way you unwind and host.


Once you’ve answered those questions, you’ll have an image in your mind of what your dream outdoor kitchen might look like. 

Still feel like there are too many options to choose from? We’ve made some suggestions based on the way you like to enjoy your outdoor space. 



Your life is a whirlwind, and your backyard is an oasis. Your outdoor kitchen needs to be ideal for lounging. Keep things serene with accessories that make cooking, entertaining, and enjoying your “me time” even easier. 


Azure Wine Center

Azure Built-In Wine Fridge for Outdoor Kitchen at Grillscapes

Store your favorite vintages in a wine fridge with style. Azure’s wine center is a welcome addition to any wine connoisseur’s outdoor appliances. Its dual-pane Argon filled glass door eliminates condensation, while blue LEDs light up the inside for optimal viewing day or night. A zero-clearance hinge design means there’s no measuring and guessing whether it will hit the sides of your cabinets. Enjoy a glass whenever the mood strikes.   

Lynx Professional Tap Tower Kit

Lynx Tap Tower Outdoor Kitchen Built In

Keep your current favorite craft beer at arm’s reach and add a tap kit to your outdoor kitchen. It’s a simple extra you can enjoy poolside or while you’re grilling. Lynx’s sleek design means it won’t take up very much visual space on your countertop, and the stainless steel finish coordinates with almost any design. 


Summerset Madera Steel and Teak Full Height Vertical Dry storage Pantry

Summerset Madera Built In Pantry for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes
Summerset Madera Dry Pantry for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

Keep all your essentials outside and you’ll omit time-consuming trips in and out of the house. Summerset’s Madera Pantry comes with all the right features - deep and shallow drawers that soft-close, adjustable shelving, and extra door storage for spices and oils. Magnetic Latch and Weather Resistant Gasket provides a top-notch dry storage seal. The teak wood door fronts add a natural element to your outdoor kitchen design.


Alfresco Built-In Double Burner

Alfresco Double Burner Built-In for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

There’s no reason why you can’t multi-task and cook your entire meal outside! Let your meat grill to perfection and prep your sides with ease on an Alfresco double burner. Two high-performance burners are recessed for all the cooking power with no meddling from the elements. 


Fire Magic Built-In Warming Drawer

Fire Magic Built-In Warming Drawer for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

Your kitchen, your timeline. Keep entrees and sides warm while you take a dip in the pool or mix a drink to go with your perfectly grilled steak. It’s also the perfect spot to proof pizza dough before cooking it to perfection in one of our commercial-grade pizza ovens. A basic extra that will keep making itself useful. 


Lynx Gas Heater w/ Remote + Switch Controls

Lynx Gas Heater with Remote for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

Don’t let a chill keep you from enjoying your outdoor space. With a simple remote click you can fire up a cozy heater and keep the conversation flowing. It’s infrared burner heats up to a 10x10 foot area with the right location and height, for easy positioning over a lounging or eating area. And so you aren’t out hunting for the remote in the cold, it comes with a wireless wall-mounted switch with multiple settings. 


U-Line 15” Stainless Steel outdoor Clear Ice Machine 

U-Line Clear Ice Maker Built In for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

Depending on how far your kitchen is from your outdoor cooking space, a built-in outdoor ice machine could be your new favorite appliance. Easily accessible for drinks or to fill a buffet tray, it works hard when you need it and has 5 levels of ice fullness for you to customize. It’s clear cubed ice looks impressive no matter who you’re hosting.  


 Best built in outdoor kitchen accessories for hosting

You love cooking up new and innovative meals to share with friends and family, and your outdoor entertaining space needs to keep up with your taste buds and hosting prowess. Your accessories have to be top-of-the-line, hardworking additions that make each al fresco event a flawless experience. 


Fire Magic Beverage Butler

Fire Magic Built In Beverage Butler for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

This setup from Fire Magic really is the most versatile accessory you’ll have in your outdoor kitchen. All stainless steel with hot and cold faucet makes prep a breeze, not to mention the removable cutting board that slides right in front of the sink space. The insulated ice chest has a removable lid for keeping drinks or hors d'oeuvres chilled, and a front beverage caddy keeps everything organized. With a towel rack and condiment trays built in, it’s an all-in-one accessory that you can find a million uses for.   


Hestan Refrigerator + Freezer Drawers in Purple

Hestan Two Drawer Refrigerator and Freezer Built In for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

Useful, Gorgeously designed, and top-of-the-line, Hestan’s line of outdoor kitchen accessories (and grills!) is everything you could want. This two-drawer system is refrigerated on top with a freezer below, all lockable with ample space to store anything you might need for your next outdoor event. Heavy-duty insulation maintains the perfect cold storage environment, with stainless steel front, sides, and interior. Door fronts are available in myriad colors (as is the rest of the Hestan line - so easy to coordinate and make a statement!) like burgundy, lemon-yellow, royal blue, black, and of course stainless steel.


Azure Drink + Wine Cooler

Azure Dual Zone Beverage and Wine Cooler for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

This sleek entertaining must-have is both wine storage and beverage storage, with an elegant French door swing and digital display control. The beverage side comes with three glass shelves and can fit up to 58 12oz cans, while the wine center fits up to 15 wine bottles on 5 wood wine racks. No matter if you’re hosting an elegant al fresco fete with wine pairings or need a place to store drinks for a big family get-together, it will be easy to access and a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.  

DCS Griddle + Side Burner combo

DCS Gas Built-In Double Side Burner for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

It’s the ideal combination of cooking surfaces for anything you can dream up. It’s compact style won’t take up your valuable counter space, and a removable drip tray makes cleaning easy. Intuitive LED lights in the knobs glow white when power is on, and orange when the burners are lit. Pair this with a gorgeous grill and your outdoor kitchen might just outshine your indoor one. 


Fire Magic Buffet Server 

Fire Magic Built In Buffet warmer and Server for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

For the host who is always putting out the best aperitifs, a buffet server is a must. Fire Magic’s version works with their warming drawer, and keeps your game day munchies or cocktail party dips at the perfect temperature. Fire Magic’s high quality standard makes this an easy selection for your outdoor kitchen.   


Alfresco Pot Filler

Alfresco Pot Filler for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

A pot filler is incredibly useful (and stylish!) installed over a stove, but have you thought about using one outside? If your outdoor kitchen is your favorite spot to cook regularly, it could be the accessory that you love the most. Outdoor rated with solid stainless steel construction, put it within easy reach of your burners and you’ll never slosh water from the sink to a pot again.  


The Outdoor Greatroom Gas Ready-to-finish Fireplace

The Outdoor Greatroom Unfinished See Through Fireplace for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

The ultimate host needs a little something extra to spice up their outdoor entertaining space. This see-through fireplace creates an amazing ambiance added to the end of an island, between a dining space and the kitchen, or facing a pool. Unfinished sides allow you to carry a stucco, brick, tile or painted design across for a cohesive look. 



three cocktails for entertaining outdoor kitchen
Your outdoor space is where you turn the music up, cook some killer food, and invite over whoever is ready for a good time. We’ve got a list of extras that will make your place a destination spot for entertaining. 


Built-In Margarita Center


Twin Eagles Margarita Center Built In for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

Because icy, blended drinks are a summer staple, you might put this station within easy reach in your outdoor kitchen. It comes complete with a built-in GFCI (120 V) electrical outlet and dedicated shelving space for glasses, mix-ins, or anything else you might need for the perfect mixed drink. Get creative with this station, and you can modify it to suit any kind of event - plug in a coffee maker for a brunch coffee bar, a juicer for the ultimate juice bar, or use a blender for smoothies. No matter what you’re hosting, it’s a fun extra for any occasion.


Hestan Double-Faucet Beer Dispenser in Yellow 


Hestan Double Faucet Beer Dispenser in Yellow for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

This awesome setup is just ready to party! The bright yellow (available in 12 other colors!) is a bright punch of color for your outdoor kitchen. A digital display with precision temperature control keeps your favorite beverage between 33°F and 42°F, with room for one ¼ barrel (pony keg) or two ⅙ barrels (5 gallon). Per Hestan’s impeccable quality standards, it has stainless steel front, sides, and interior; locking doors, leveling legs and zero clearance hinging with heavy-duty insulation and forced-air refrigeration for optimum storage. Take your space up a notch with the perfect extra for the beer lover.    


Lynx See-Through-Door Refrigerator

 Lynx See Through Glass Door Refrigerator for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

There are myriad refrigerators to choose from when you want a built-in version for your outdoor kitchen. Our pick for the regular entertainer is this ultra-stylish one from Lynx, because the brand is solid and the features you want are all there. The glass front makes it easy for guests (or you) to grab what you want in a flash, and blue interior lighting is as useful as it is fun. Energy star rated, intuitive alerts (if the door is ajar or the temp changes fast), as well as lots of interior space are just a few extra reasons to make this a great built-in addition.  

Infratech Heater

Infratech Outdoor Heater for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

For the party you just don’t want to end, do yourself a favor and install one (or more!) of these outdoor heaters. Mounted on the side of a structure or into a covered patio ceiling, you’re easily covering 90sq ft with warmth that you and your guests will enjoy. It’s a great option for off-season outdoor cooking, making an outdoor lounge space cozy at night, or keeping you warm fresh out of the pool or hot tub.  


Alfresco Pizza Prep and Garnish Rail 


Alfresco Pizza and Garnish Rail with Shelf for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

Anything that pairs well with a pizza oven has to be top of our list to add to an outdoor kitchen setup. This built-in insert makes pizza prep easy with a removable cutting board, ice-cooled pan rail for toppings and condiments, and a shelf below for storing plates, pizza pans, spices, and other necessities. Between your pizza nights, it’s also an excellent spot to use as a raw bar, cocktail bar, or taco bar.  


Sealoc Coastal Series Fully Waterproof Samsung Smart TV 

 Sealoc Samsung Waterproof TV for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

Whether it’s movies, shows, or sports, if you want to enjoy it outside you’ll need a weatherproof TV. At a hefty 50 inches, you’ll be able to catch all the details while grilling, lounging, or poolside. Sealoc’s patented exclusive nano-coating fully seals all the circuitry and connection points within the TV for a totally weatherproofed unit. Built-in wifi, full web browsing, smartphone app connectivity and 4K resolution are all packaged within its super slim, lightweight frame. 


Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Griddle 

Fire Magic Built In Griddle for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

Big guest lists require big cooking, and this built-in griddle by Fire Magic can handle anything you want to task it with. Pancakes, bacon, and egg brunches, fajita fillings, the ultimate grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas, crostinis, or fried rice are made easy with this flat, gas-fueled cooking surface. 


Sealoc Weather Resistant Logitech Harmony Hub 

 Sealoc Weatherproof Harmon Hub for Outdoor Kitchens at Grillscapes

This gadget is indispensable for anyone with multiple “smart” devices in their outdoor entertaining space. Bundle up to 8 remotes and unlimited smart apps to control everything from one spot, including custom automations: ex: simply tap “Date Night” and Harmony can turn on your Sony Android TV, launch Netflix, dim your Philips Hue smart lights and turn on your Sonos connected speaker. Works with iOS or Android, and gives you control even through cabinet doors. And to make things even easier, it also syncs with Alexa to control everything with a simple voice command when your phone is out of reach.  


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SOKB Smart Outdoor Kitchen Builder at Grillscapes

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