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Ditch the stress and get the best. Tap our outdoor kitchen experts and you'll have 100% confidence you're building the best outdoor kitchen possible. We'll help you choose all the right elements from the grill down to the doors and we also create a custom 3D drawings for you.



  • Tell Us About Your Project

    The best way to get started is to fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You can also give us a call, shoot us an email, or jump on the chat. We want to gather information on what you are looking for in an outdoor space along with your personal style and aesthetic.

    Tell Us About Your Project Tell Us About Your Project
  • 3D Conceptual Drawing

    This is where your vision comes to life. We take the information given and produce a 3d conceptual drawing for a complete view of your project. Drawing is complete with finished textures, appliances, and measurements.

    3D Conceptual Drawing 3D Conceptual Drawing
  • Revise & Review

    Once you receive the initial drawing you may want to make changes. This is expected and we will revise the drawings as many times as needed until it meets your standards.

    Revise & Review Revise & Review
  • Final Design Audit

    Once the design is complete, we will do a once-over of the project and make sure you are getting everything you need. For safety we want to confirm clearances are met, the island has necessary ventilation, and appliances have their required accessories to ensure proper operation. This way you can finish and fire up your new outdoor kitchen without issues.

    Final Design Audit Final Design Audit


  • • On-site final inspection and demo. Our tech will personally arrive on site near completion of the project to setup appliance interiors and give you or your client a demo of all installed equipment. (*Only available in certain areas.)
  • • Custom made steel stud Hardie backer Ready to Finish islands, with contractor exclusive pricing available for purchase. (*Only available in certain areas.)
  • • Weather you use our design service or not we can take your existing architectural drawing and make sure that it meets manufacturers clearances, and that the equipment specified has everything needed to function properly.


  • • Let us shop for you. We can put together an appliance package for any budget.
  • • For the DIY island builder, let us answer questions and guide you. We want to make sure clearances are met and appliances have their required accessories to ensure proper operation.
  • • Working with a professional? Let us take on the heavy lifting. We can design a drawing for them to work from, insight into appliance layout and make sure you are not missing out on the latest outdoor kitchen trends.