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Lynx Grills

What Features Can You Expect From Lynx Grills? 

Lynx is a leader in providing high-quality cooking appliances and equipment that will help create a great experience every time. Whether you want to have a barbeque or use one of the Lynx gas grills as a smoker, the Lynx quality can’t be beat.

Lynx grills have been setting the standard for cutting-edge features for a long time. Our outdoor equipment, such as the Lynx professional grills series, has powerful features such as “hood assist,” which makes lifting and lowering the hood effortless while also providing better heat distribution.

Lynx appliances are made of high-quality materials and utilize a variable Patented Trident infrared burner that allows both high and low temperatures in the Lynx built-in grill.

The precise engineering of the Lynx BBQ grill models and the continually perfected design ensure that Lynx grills provide you with the ultimate grilling experience every time, which is why we confidently offer a full lifetime warranty.

Why Choose Lynx Professional Grills?

If you’re looking for a luxury outdoor grilling experience, Lynx outdoor grills have become the gold standard.

Lynx barbecue grills come in two series: the Sedona and Professional. Both excel in their respective classes, providing practical and superior solutions that have put Lynx grills in the position they are today.

But why specifically should you go with Lynx outdoor grilling solutions?

If you choose the Sedona model, you get the more practical and compact grilling option that’s designed for easy cooking. But while it’s a more user-friendly option, don’t let that fool you; Sedona Lynx grills offer incredible performance, producing 23,000 BTUs of heat and providing complete control of temperatures for even more delicate dishes.

Meanwhile, the Professional Lynx barbeque series is the cream of the crop in the grilling world, guaranteed to perform on par with the best commercial restaurant grills, providing you with temperatures ranging from 300˚-1000˚, a unique heat-stabilizing design, smoker box, and even an app that allows you to control the grill through your mobile device.