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How to Design a Modern Outdoor Kitchen | Grillscapes

10 Design Ideas for Modern Outdoor Kitchens

The word “modern” refers to the 1950s and 60s, when functionality and clean lines reigned supreme in design. Today, the definition of “modern” is similar, but it more specifically refers to minimalist, sleek, and neutral colors and appliances. In other words, nothing clunky, chunky, loud, or tacky. Instead, concrete, industrial, silver, and thin elements are in vogue. Luckily, these elements are perfect for modern outdoor kitchens because they support functionality in all weather while looking great.

Whether you’re going for a more casual vibe or looking to recreate a luxury outdoor kitchen, we’ve got ten great design ideas to get you inspired.

Why Design a Modern Outdoor Kitchen?

Modern outdoor kitchens are great because when the weather is just right, being outside puts everyone at ease. It recalibrates the nervous system and improves mental health. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing like the aroma of fresh meat on the grill wafting through the neighborhood. If you want to entice your neighbors over for a Friday night of conversation, fire up that grill!

Additionally, an updated, modern design adds property value to your home – especially if it echoes an indoor modern kitchen. And not to mention, cooking and eating is messy, especially with young children. But spills and crumbs are no big deal when you’re outside!

10 Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

There are many layouts to choose from for your modern outdoor kitchen: within an alcove, under a gazebo, open concept, attached to the home, under a separate awning or trellis — the list goes on. Your chosen layout will depend upon what you already have going on in your backyard and the space you have to work with. A pre-existing pool and other features will determine if your kitchen is an L or U shape. No matter which layout or design theme you choose, the best outdoor kitchen is the one that you use often and truly love to cook in.

1. More than S’mores

Why not incorporate all the elements of nature as part of your outdoor kitchen idea? Earth, air, wind, and fire: vegetation, wind chimes, a koi pond, and a firepit. Firepits are not only fun for s’mores, they provide cozy gathering places when the sun goes down and you can cook real meals over them, too. Modern outdoor firepits add instant elegance to any outdoor space and are easy to maintain. They are a hit with kids and adults alike.

2. Grills Galore

For an outdoor kitchen, modern grills are a staple. If you’re going to get one kitchen appliance, let it be a good grill. Grills are great for poolside barbecues with the family or neighbors. Gas, charcoal, pellet, and specialty grills all come in stainless steel and will work in any modern kitchen — it just depends upon your grilling preference. Why not initiate a friendly neighborhood grill-off? There’s nothing like a little competition to bring out the best flavors in everyone.

3. Modern Italian

Italian cuisine — though it conjures images of traditional, rustic and quaint interior décor — can be modern, too! The brings Lynx Professional Natural Gas Napoli Pizza Oven Italy home to you for some delicious al fresco dining. This 30 inch appliance can be built-in or rest on the countertop. Stainless steel will blend in with clutter-free counters and smooth floor pavers in your concrete modern outdoor kitchen. Garnish your homemade pizza with homegrown potted basil grown from your garden or potted plants.

4. Sports Bar

Your own outdoor sports bar requires modern bar stools, a built-in bar set, and of course, a television. The Fire Magic Beverage Butler Bar Set comes with a removable cutting board to prepare cocktails, a sink, and a faucet. Outdoor kitchen and bar designs need to remain functional no matter what the weather. Good thing that weatherproof televisions exist! This 65 inch Sealoc 4K Samsung TV with voice control has you covered for any game, match, championship, or bowl game. Sports can bring out the volume in people, so having an outdoor sports bar allows the rest of the family to relax in peace and solitude until the game is over. Cheer as loud as you want outside!

5. A Different Kind of Smokers’ Lounge

Smoking meat is a deliciously relaxing and rewarding affair. The aroma builds anticipation for the meal to come, drifts through the neighborhood, and soon you’ve got double the guests you expected! An outdoor patio with kitchen appliances and an outdoor sectional can accommodate a hungry crowd while the chef stands at the Memphis Pro Stainless Steel Freestanding Wood Fire Pellet Smoker. This truly modern smoker has intelligent temperature control and even Wi-Fi! It reaches 650 degrees Fahrenheit and has dual convection fans.

6. All-Weather Protection

Outdoor kitchens are at the mercy of the elements. While mostly used during pleasant weather, sometimes the weather sneaks up on us. Whether mounted on the wall or freestanding – outdoor patio heaters come in handy in the spring, autumn, and even on chilly summer nights. Subtle and neutral, they will blend right in with your other modern outdoor kitchen ideas and will keep both the chef and dinner guests warm and cozy.

To shield your appliances and dining space from rain and snow, consider umbrellas and awnings. Always put the covers down over the grill and other appliances in case of the stray shower.

Landscaping can also help to manage the weather in your area: place gravel, sand, trees, and plants around the outdoor kitchen and patio space to soak up rain and prevent mud puddles. Plant leafy trees nearby to provide shade. And remember to not put your furniture down onto the grass: it will damage both the furniture and the grass. Concrete pavers offer a modern look and a safe way to place furniture outside.

7. Bakers’ Paradise

Any amateur who watches The Great British Baking Show has envisioned themselves baking their hearts out in a delightful British meadow. While you may not be on the classic baking competition show in England, you can recreate the experience in your backyard!

Create your own modern version by baking bread in an outdoor pizza oven and keeping savory pies warm in an outdoor warming drawer. A minimalist, modern outdoor kitchen will help you maintain a decluttered working space, and encourage you to channel all the pizzazz into some fun and experimental cake decorating. An outdoor refrigerator and patio chairs help, too! Friends, family, or neighbors will surely volunteer to enjoy and critique your bakes and award you Star Baker — if only for having the nicest outdoor kitchen around.

8. Cozy Date Night

If you want to create a romantic setting for date nights but are working with a limited amount of space, you’ve come to the right place for small modern outdoor kitchen ideas. A smaller setup is much more manageable and easier to clean — not to mention cheaper. Candles and twinkle lights hung from above set the scene. A DCS Double Side Burner doesn’t take up much room on your workspace, and can simultaneously simmer two sauces of your choice. Built-in drawers are your friend for refrigeration and storage when trying to use space efficiently. Two chairs and a bistro table complete the setup for a cozy night in.

9. Beachy and Breezy

While the grill sizzles, get your tan on on the Sunset West Redondo Single Adjustable Sling Chaise lounge chair. This chair’s thin, sleek, modern lines give off a sophisticated beach vibe. It’s wheeled, so you can position it right where the sun is. Rest your Bahama Mama beverage made at your very own outdoor bar on a Sunset West Provence Round Bistro Table. Don’t forget sunscreen and insect repellent! Install a fan to keep the breeze flowing when mother nature stops.

10. Farm to Table

It doesn’t get any more sustainable than growing your own cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes, rinsing them off in a big sink, and eating them right then and there. This Alfresco sink includes a prep station to chop vegetables as well as a towel dispenser. No carbon footprint accumulated in the commute from your garden to your outdoor dining table!

This Sunset West Vegas Rectangular Dining Table in graphite can host fresh cut flowers and candle lit lanterns. Growing your own ingredients and floral centerpieces for your outdoor kitchen makes you a truly independent chef, indeed. You just might inspire your neighbors to do the same, and before you know it, a neighborhood seed and vegetable swap is born.

Partner with Grillscapes, Your Outdoor Kitchen Specialists

Whether you design modern outdoor kitchens yourself or work with a contractor to make your dream space come true, Grillscapes can help you get it done. We’ve got everything you need, from the famous Fire Magic appliances to durable and affordable Lynx grills. Check out our options for patio furniture, outdoor kitchen appliances, modern firepits, and more for design inspiration. Your dream outdoor kitchen awaits!