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Gas Grills

Shopping for a gas grill; Things to consider.

Finding the right gas BBQ grill has never been easier and here at Grillscapes we are ready to help. We carry a variety of gas grill brands to fit every budget, aesthetic, and cooking style. Grillscapes believes the heart of every backyard is the grill, this is where people gather with friends and family to enjoy great food. Whether you need a small grill for two or a large grill for entertaining we have you covered.

Below we have outlined some of the more important points to consider when shopping for a new gas grill. If you are feeling overwhelmed, click on the chat or give us a call and one of our experienced grill experts will be happy to guide you through the process of picking a gas grill that is just right for you.

What to look for in a gas grill

Cooking Style: The way you like to cook is going to be a big factor in which type of grill you choose. Some grills are designed to cook at high heat and require constant attention to them while others are designed to cook at a low heat with more of a set it and forget it attitude. If you enjoy using high heat, then consider a grill with no briquette trays like a Fire Magic or American Outdoor Grill. These grills will cook much faster and give you excellent sear marks and char. If you like to cook at lower temperatures, then consider a grill that uses a briquette tray like a Lynx, Alfresco or Twin Eagles. These grills will give you the ability to cook your food fast and with minimal flareups while maintaining a low flame. If you want a bit of both then look towards a grill that uses a briquette tray with larger gaps and incorporates a single infrared sear burner. The sear burner will give you the ability to run extremely hot temperatures to get a great crust and excellent sear marks.

Configuration: Configuration of your gas grill will also help narrow down your choices. Do you have an outdoor kitchen island that you want to build the grill into? Or do you want a freestanding unit that has wheels and can be moved around your backyard? Maybe you need a portable grill that can be taken on a boat or to a tailgate, regardless of what space or situation you have there is a gas grill that is available for you.

Grill Size: Just like configuration there is a size available for any situation. If you are cooking for a small family or just for yourself and one other person, then all you need is a small 24-Inch to 32-Inch, 2-3 burner grill with enough room for a couple chicken breasts or burger patties. Do you like to host big events and want to be able to cook multiple proteins with a side of veggies while keeping the buns warm? Then consider a bigger 42-Inch to 54-Inch, 4-5 burner grill with a warming rack for that extra grilling space.

Fuel Type: Gas grills usually come in two fuel types, either Natural gas or Propane gas. Natural gas would be suitable for most built-in units with an outdoor kitchen island that has hard piped gas coming from your gas meter or home. Propane gas is usually used in freestanding units as a propane tank can be stored inside the base and you maintain the ability to move the unit around your yard. However, there also are Hybrid grills that use either propane or natural gas and can also burn wood or lump charcoal, these grills have the greatest versatility and are great for the grill head that likes to change up their cooking styles frequently. If this is something that interests you check out the AMG line of barbeques.

Features: Gas grills are built with many different people in mind and when you shop for the grill you need to consider how you cook and what features will be helpful to you. The two big features are a rotisserie and sear burner. Rotiesseries are great for things like herb chickens or thanksgiving turkeys, they utilize a rear infrared burner and a spit to rotate your meat for even cooking and self-basting. A sear burner is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a seared steak or nice dark grill marks, it has high intensity heat that sears meat and seals in flavors. Some grills come with a side burner which is great for heating sauces or basting liquids. Interior lights are another great feature especially if you do a lot of cooking at night. Browse through our grills, chances are if there is a feature you want, we carry a brand of gas grill that has it.

Value: When it comes to value there are many aspects to consider. Price alone is not the determining factor of value; you also want to consider the features you get and the build quality for that price point. Some people see a grill with a low cost as lacking value because of build quality or lack of features but other people might consider that same grill a good value because they do not have to pay such a high price for features, they are not going to use or a grill that might be over built for their project.

Construction Material: There are many types of materials used to construct gas grills, but the best gas grills are made of stainless steel which is available in different “grades”. 304 Stainless Steel is one of the most desired and widely used grades of stainless on the market, it will hold up extremely well to the elements and provides a beautifully polished finish. If you are going to use your grill on a boat or near the ocean then 316 Stainless Steel would be the way to go, it still provides a nice shiny finish but its more corrosion resistant especially when it comes to high salt environments. Most grills that are sold as marine grade use 316 steel. Some grills also use 443 stainless steel for certain parts that are prone to heat stress. They do this because 443 steel has a higher chromium content than 304 and therefore the steel expands less when repeatedly heated. Another grade you will come across is 430 stainless steel, this grade is usually used in the basic $300-$500 range grills and will not hold up as well as 304. 430 steel has a high iron content and is prone to rust and heat stress fractures. Aluminum is also making its way into a wide variety of grills. It is a great metal that is rust proof and lightweight, you will find it used in a lot of grill hoods and grill stands to help keep things light.

These are just some of the many things to consider when purchasing a new gas grill. If you need additional help, Click on our chat, give us a call or shoot us an email and one of our experienced grill experts will be happy to guide you through the process of picking a gas grill that is just right for you.