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The Grillmaster’s Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Burner

The Grillmaster’s Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Burner

There’s nothing like firing up the grill on a hot summer’s day and getting your friends and family together for some delicious steaks, burgers, or chops. But sometimes, your main grilling surface is simply not enough, and you need additional cooking power for sauces, sides, and more.

The good news is that there’s a variety of side grill options for you to choose from, allowing you to find a solution that works best for your situation and providing you with enough cooking space for anything you might need.

But how can you determine which side burner for gas grills you should go with?

To help you figure out what to choose, how to distinguish between a searing burner vs side burner, and what outdoor burner will work best in your situation, let’s look at why you should go with a burner grill, types of burner grills, and the best options on the market today.

Benefits of an Outdoor Burner Grill

Before getting into the specific side burner grill models and types, it’s a good idea to go through some of the main reasons they’re a good investment. After all, many people do just fine without a side burner, so is it really worth it?

To help you make an informed decision, let’s explore some of the main benefits of outdoor burners.

Prepare Side Dishes

One of the best things about having an outdoor power burner on the side of your grill is being able to prepare multiple dishes at once. Instead of having to run to your kitchen and back or trying to squeeze everything into the limited space that you have available, you can use a convenient side burner for sauces, side dishes, or anything else.

Having all of your dishes in one place ensures you can keep track of the progress at all times and won’t overcook or miss anything, guaranteeing consistency in even the most challenging grilling sessions you take on.

No Need to Run to the Kitchen

Grilling should be about relaxing in good weather and good company instead of running from the grill to the kitchen and back when trying to keep track of the different dishes you’re preparing.

Having a grill side burner will simplify the cooking process and make it much more enjoyable, allowing you to relax and actually enjoy grilling. Not to mention, you’ll be able to stay outside and have time to talk to the people you’re cooking for. Grilling is a social process, so creating an environment where you can grill without needing to run back forth and forth is a crucial part of the experience.

Take All Your Cooking Outside in Good Weather

When you have an outdoor burner, you don’t have to limit yourself to grilling only for barbecues and special occasions. It allows you to cook virtually any dish you could imagine outdoors, which is great when the weather’s nice and you don’t want to spend time in the kitchen. Whether you’re having a casual burger night or treating your family to gourmet chicken, you can cook up delicious meals any time with an outdoor burner.

It’s also a great option when preparing dishes that have strong flavors and smells, since you can avoid having the smell spreading throughout the home, which can be difficult to get rid of.

Good Alternative During Power Outages

Having a side burner for a gas grill is not just about convenience — it’s also a way to ensure that you always have a way to prepare full meals, even when facing power outages.

Many home kitchens use electric stovetops, which means that if the power goes out, so does the ability to cook. But when you have an outdoor burner, you can always set up there and cook for your family even if there’s no power.

Types of Outdoor Burners

In order to make the best decision about which outdoor burner to buy, it’s important to have a good understanding of how they differ and what the various types can offer you. Let’s compare your options so you can be sure to make the right choice.


Side Burner

A side burner is one of the most practical options. In many ways, it’s very similar to a stovetop, providing you with a cooking experience that’s very similar to what you would get in your indoor kitchen.

The precise controls and fire provided by an outdoor side burner mean you can prepare almost any recipe using it, which is great not just for cooking side dishes but also for taking any cooking task outdoors whenever you want.

Power Burner

As the name implies, a power burner is a robust outdoor gas stovetop option that will provide you with plenty of cooking power in almost any weather. It forces air through a mechanical blower, allowing the burner to sustain a larger fire even during windy days.

Another big advantage of a power burner is being able to prepare meals quickly. The added intensity of the fire means the time it takes to boil water or sear meat is greatly reduced.

Accusimmer Burner

An Accussimmer burner offers impeccable precision when you need to be very exact in the amount of heat you need on your cooking surface. These burners are usually only found on indoor gas ranges, so you may need to run inside if this is the type of burner you need to use.

For instance, when you’re simmering food or liquids, having the ability to finetune the temperature can be a huge advantage that allows producing outstanding results every time. This precision is one of the biggest differences when comparing Accusimmer vs power burner options.

Searing Burner

Finally, a searing burner is often featured on more high-end grills because it offers extremely high temperatures and the ability to rapidly cook food through a heated ceramic element.

As the name implies, searing burners are the perfect option to go with when you want to perfectly sear your steak to give you tender meat inside and a crispy layer outside.

4 Best Outdoor Burners

With the number of outdoor burner options available today, picking the right one for you can feel like a challenge. The good news is that you now have a better understanding of how different types of outdoor burners work and why they can be useful, which should help you pick one based on your needs.

Below, we’ll explore a few of the more popular options and what makes them top choices.

Aspire by Hestan 12-Inch Single Side Burner in Stainless Steel

Aspire by Hestan 12-Inch Propane Gas Built-In Single Side Burner

If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable natural gas side burner to expand your outdoor kitchen’s performance, you can’t go wrong with the Aspire by Hestan 12-Inch propane gas Single Side Burner. It offers an impressive 20,000 BTUs and excellent versatility to handle any cooking project, enhancing your outdoor kitchen area.

It also has a sealed burner bowl with a drain, which will protect your cooking area from boil overs and spills.

Twin Eagles Built-In Power Burner

Twin Eagles 24-Inch Natural Gas Built-In Power Burner w/ Heavy-Duty Grates

If you want more firepower and the ability to produce extremely high heat, you can’t go wrong with the Twin Eagles 24-inch natural gas power burner. It has an incredible 70,000 BTUs, which will help you cook anything in seconds. But it also has a low simmer option for more delicate and controlled dishes.

It even comes with a reversible grate for situations when you want to cook with larger stock pots or even commercial woks.

Fire Magic Built-In Sear Station with Lid

Fire Magic Aurora Natural Gas Built-In Double Infrared Searing Station w/ Stainless Steel Hinged Lid

Searing stations are one of the most exclusive types of outdoor burners you could get. And this Fire Magic natural gas double infrared searing station will ensure you will get the perfect steak every single time.

This searing station can flash-cook perfect steaks at a staggering 1200 degrees, which ensures the juices remain inside, preserving the tenderness that a truly exceptional steak must have.

Lynx Professional Double Side Burner with Maple Cutting Board and Drawer

Lynx Professional Natural Gas Built-In Double Side Burner w/ Maple Cutting Board & Drawer

Sometimes, you may want not just a side burner but also a convenient and well-designed cooking area where you will feel just as comfortable as in the kitchen. And the Lynx natural gas double side burner with a cutting board and drawer is the perfect combination of cooking power and convenience for your outdoor kitchen.

The double-side burners have a nice range from a low simmer to as much as 15,000 BTU, which will be plenty for most cooking projects you may want to take outside of the kitchen.

Find Your Outdoor Burner at Grillscapes

An outdoor burner can be the perfect addition to any grilling area. It will save you time, provide increased convenience, and allow you to prepare all of your dishes in one place. For grillmasters looking to up their game, this is the ultimate addition to your outdoor setup.

At Grillscapes, we have a range of top-of-the-line side burners, searing stations, and more. Whether you’re looking for Lynx grills, Twin Eagles, or Fire Magic grills, we’ve got you covered. Check out our selection today!