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Gas vs. Wood Pizza Oven: What Are the Top Differences?

Gas vs. Wood Pizza Oven: Which is Best For You?

Pizza ovens are the pinnacle of outdoor kitchen equipment. Yet you need to consider what type of pizza oven you want.

Deciding between gas vs. wood pizza oven is the first step to taking home a piece of top-tier cooking equipment. You need to consider outdoor pizza oven regulations, the type of food you want to create, and what fits in with your personal cooking style.

Today, we will explore the wood vs. gas pizza oven and the advantages of each.

Gas vs. Wood-Fired Oven: What are the Differences?

Despite their similarities, the one difference is not the fuel they use. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. Choosing a wood gas pizza oven requires determining which variant suits your cooking needs.

Let’s go over how each one works.

Gas Pizza Oven

Gas pizza ovens are often found in homes with less space to accommodate an outdoor oven. Using a gas oven over a wood-fired option is more efficient, with more control over your cooking temperature.

They are also easier to manage because you don’t need to worry about bringing in wood from the outside. You just need to spark up your oven, and you’re good to go without worrying about other materials.

Gas ovens in many parts of the world also don’t need to account for many regulations. For example, some states may ban wood-fired cookers in summer due to the risk of fires or "no burn" days.

If you want a more convenient, compact option, the gas oven should be your pizza oven of choice.

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

On the other hand, wood-fired options may require more maintenance but allow for more variations in your meals.

For example, you can utilize different woods to create alternate flavors with your food. Many chefs love the opportunity to experiment with their meats to get the aromatic, smoky flavors you cannot find with a conventional coal oven.

Wood-fired ovens also use conduction heat, allowing you to heat your oven faster. If you want to get cooking faster with a wood and gas pizza oven, the wood-fired option is the better choice.

Finally, you could also save money by using this more authentic cooking method. Gas prices fluctuate but are typically more expensive than relying on wood.

What are the Advantages of Gas Ovens?

Comparing the gas vs. wood pizza oven is not about finding which one is best but which one is best for you. Everyone has different priorities.

Let’s examine a coal fire vs. wood fire pizza oven and why you should look into a high-end gas oven for your outdoor kitchen:

    • Ease-of-Use – Not everyone has the knowhow to work a wood oven. Gas ovens are considerably easier to operate and are recommended more for beginners.

    • Less Maintenance – Keeping your oven clean extends its lifespan and ensures that you get the same delicious results every time. Gas ovens don’t require you to awkwardly clean out bits of wood and soot after every cookout.

    • LPG Convenience – Rather than chopping up wood and worrying about local suppliers, LPG gas bottles are easy to source and connect. Your fuel source couldn’t be easier to manage with a gas oven.

    • Portability – If you don’t want a permanent fixture in your yard, gas ovens are simple to trolley in and out. They’re also ideal if you're going to transport your oven to a buddy’s house.

    • Control – When comparing a pizza oven gas vs. wood, you need to think about control. Turning the gas up or down is all you need to do to get the ideal temperature. With wood, it’s all about the feeling.

What are the Advantages of Wood-Fired Ovens?

In the eyes of many, wood-fired ovens are the most authentic way to cook. Depending on your priorities, you may compare a pizza oven of wood vs. gas pizza oven and decide the former is the way to go.

Here are some of the reasons why wood could be the choice for you:

    • Cook Quickly – Wood ovens can reach 700 degrees Celsius, enabling you to ready the pizza in minutes.

    • Better Flavor – Wood-fired ovens impart a unique flavor to any food. Expand your horizons and taste incredible flavors with wood-fired ovens.

    • Retain Nutrients – Hot flames mean faster food, which means you denature fewer nutrients. In many ways, wood-fired ovens allow for healthier food.

    • Versatility – From baking bread to roasting vegetables and fish, there’s nothing you can’t do with a wood-fired oven.

    • Aesthetics – There’s no denying wood-fired ovens look incredible. They add a touch of character to any yard or entertainment area.


Regardless of where you fall on the debate over the gas vs. wood pizza oven, you can enjoy superb meals and upgrade your next gathering.

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