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A Chef’s Guide to Outdoor Kitchen Appliances | Grillscapes

The 10 Best Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Have you considered outdoor cooking? Creating a space to experiment with outdoor cooking and entertaining can be the perfect way to take advantage of nice weather and break up those boring kitchen routines. There are many different types of outdoor kitchen appliances to choose from, but what is the best outdoor cooking equipment for you?

The Benefits of Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

One of the many benefits of using an outdoor kitchen is simply getting out of your usual space: the house. Especially if you’ve been working from home all day or been home taking care of the kids, getting out into the fresh air gives you a fresh perspective. Changing your environment, even if it’s just a few steps outside, boosts your creativity in the kitchen because you’re outside your usual box. It can feel like a treat or a fun tradition to look forward to, like Friday night dinners al fresco with the neighbors. Plus, it’s a socially distant and safe way to interact mask-free anytime as new COVID-19 variants continue to pop up.

How to Choose Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

So before you start searching “outdoor kitchen appliances near me,” you need to know what you’re looking for. And that depends on finding the right equipment for your needs. So how do you know what to look for?


    1. Be realistic about how you cook, entertain, and how often you see yourself doing so outside. Just romantic dinners for two every once in a while, large family gatherings regularly, or somewhere in between? Day or night use will determine your lighting. Be realistic about the weather and your budget as well. Are you up for maintaining these appliances and making sure they stay clean and secure throughout the year?


    1. Be functional. While you should definitely get at least one appliance that you’re really excited about (maybe an outdoor pizza oven or a mini bar), the basics are necessary. Include sinks, flooring, and additional plumbing and utilities hook ups in your estimated budget.


    1. Envision the entire space, including decor and theme to help you make style choices once you’ve narrowed down the items you want. Elegant or casual? Modern or rustic? Open plan or something cozier to facilitate conversation? Then have fun selecting place settings, centerpieces, tablecloths, rugs, and more design elements – which you can of course change with the season or according to celebration.



The 10 Best Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Here are 10 of the best outdoor kitchen appliances to get you thinking about what you would like to include in your space:

Azure Outdoor Refrigerator

1. Azure Stainless Steel Refrigerator

An outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator is a necessity for summer entertaining. Going in and out of the house to retrieve refrigerated items wastes time, lets insects in the house, and takes the chef away from outdoor socializing. This 24 inch stainless steel refrigerator is sleek and durable. It includes four glass shelves inside. It doesn’t draw attention to itself and will blend perfectly with other stainless steel outdoor cooking appliances. Though not a full size fridge, this one is all you need for a fully functional outdoor kitchen. 

Twin Eagles Breakfast Club Burner

2. Twin Eagles Built-In Breakfast Club Side Burner and Griddle

Whether you’re making breakfast for two or you’ve got a large group to feed the morning after your child’s slumber party, this setup includes everything you need to make the perfect breakfast. Double side burners next to a large flat griddle, a stainless steel cover, and electrical power cord are included. Temperature control knobs and a heat indicator light help prevent accidental burns. 

Alfresco Under Counter Ice Drawer

3. Alfresco Insulated Under Counter Ice Drawer and Beverage Center

This durable stainless steel ice drawer and beverage center allows you to be the consummate host and entertainer. Hidden out of sight, you can surprise your guests with an extra special bottle of wine to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or just a regular old Friday night. Providing spacious and discreet storage under the counter, this modern, sleek refrigeration alternative (or supplement to an outdoor refrigerator) completes an outdoor kitchen. It can store up to 150 pounds and its insulation keeps ice frozen — even in the sweltering summer temperatures. 

Kamado Joe Big Joe III

4. Red Kamado Joe Freestanding 24-Inch Grill

This bright red freestanding smoker adds a pop of color wherever you need it. It includes a heat deflector and aluminum side shelves. It has wheels, so it is easy to move to an alternate place for storage in the off season. A smoker with shelving all in one, it cooks foods simultaneously at different temperatures with even distribution of heat and smoke. It can be used in the rain with the aluminum top vent. 

Alfa Forni Outdoor Allegro Pizza Oven

5. Alfa Allegro Wood Fired Countertop Pizza Oven

This 39-inch Italian-made pizza oven is a party starter! It fits up to 5 pizzas, feeding up to 30 people at once. It comes in yellow and red for a festive vibe. Plus, it’s good for more than just pizza: grill, bake, stew, or roast your heart out. No assembly required. High temperatures (up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit) create truly excellent pizza, and classic wood burning will create delicious flavors. Making your own pizza is healthier and more fun for the whole family than the frozen stuff!

E2 Stainless Steel Undermount Outdoor Sink

6. E2 Stainless Steel Sink

Sinks are one of those essential outdoor appliances. Most people don’t like doing dishes, but being outside makes the chore a bit more bearable. And this large rectangular stainless steel sink is perfect for a large outdoor kitchen. 32”x19” and 10 inches deep with insulation to minimize noise, there is plenty of room for large plates and dishes. Sleek and modern, it is designed to last a lifetime. Note: does not include faucet.

Sedona Outdoor Vent Hood

7. Sedona by Lynx Vent Hood

Don’t overlook this crucial piece of outdoor cooking equipment! Although outdoor kitchens seem like they wouldn’t need air circulation assistance, vent hoods are advisable for safety when using gas grilling to reduce harmful smoke and excess steam in the cooking area. Smoke buildup isn’t just dangerous, it can discolor features over time as well. The Sedona by Lynx Vent Hood is 48 inches wide and works best when placed over grills that are 42 inches wide. It includes dimmable halogen lights and goes with any contemporary outdoor kitchen design.  

Alfresco Built-In Plate and Garnish Station

8. Alfresco Built-In Plate and Garnish Rail

This ultimate setup for food storage and preparation includes four food pans, a counter where you can serve plates buffet-style, a removable plastic cutting board, and a shelf underneath, perfect for storing spices or extra plates. It is 30 inches across. The pans are great to hold taco toppings or to place four wine bottles on ice.

Cowboy Cauldron "The Dude" Firepit

9. Cowboy Cauldron “The Dude” Fire Pit

Perfect for a spooky Halloween party, roasting hot dogs, or grilling a whole meal, this portable all-in-one grill and firepit is truly unique. Tripod legs are collapsible for easy storage, making this a great option for those with limited space. The steel black basin 24 inches across hangs freely and is large enough to heat several plates at once. As you cook with charcoal, warm your feet under the fire. Includes rain cover for protection from the elements. 

Aspire Built-In Grill

10. Aspire by Hestan Gas Built-In Grill

Last but certainly not least: the classic grill. A high-quality grill is one of the best outdoor appliances you can purchase for your outdoor kitchen. The Aspire grill uses gas and is 30 inches, including one burner and one sear with a rotisserie and an easy to clean removable tray. The hood seals in the heat and protects it when not in use. Interior lighting helps when the sun goes down. This stainless steel grill comes in a variety of colors so if your grill is the focal point of your outdoor kitchen, go for that pop of color!


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When it comes to the best outdoor kitchen appliances, Grillscapes has you covered. We specialize in modern kitchen appliances intended for outdoor use year after year. With a wide collection of top outdoor brands like Twin Eagles and Lynx grills, we have everything you need to build your perfect outdoor space. We carry patio furniture, outdoor heaters, and more to breathe life into the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Start shopping today!